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  • How quickly can I expect to receive my Products?
    Depending on wether we currently stock this Product or needing to order it first from our Suppliers. Delivery can take from 2 Days up to one Month. You will receive an email of your Delivery Status upon purchase.
  • Can I order your Products outside of Windhoek?
    Absolutely! We offer delivery throughout all of Namibia for Product purchases. Orders outside Namibia are currently not accommodated.
  • Which payment method can I use upon purchase?
    We offer PayToday, EFT and in-store Cash payments as payment methods for purchases. ​ All other online payment methods are not supported to ensure safe and secure purchases. For more information regarding PayToday please visit PayToday. ​ On safety and privacy visit our privacy policy down below.
  • Can I only purchase Products online, or do you have an Art Store I could visit?"
    Our Art Shop is located in Windhoek and we would be thrilled to have you come by. Appointments NEED to be made prior either by Phone Call, Whatsapp or E-mail. you can find our Contact Details down below or simply in the Menu Bar.
  • Can I order Products which are not displayed on your Webpage?
    For sure! We only stock basic products which are in a constant demand but can order exclusive products for you anytime. Just pop us a message and we can send you a quotation right away! Visit Faber Castel and Prime art's official Websites to see all availability of products.
  • Do you take drawing/painting requests?
    Comissions are currently OPEN! Send us a message and let us know the sizing, medium (pencil,watercolour,oil,etc.) and picture you would like to have painted/sketched. For more information on pricing get in touch with us via the contact details down below.
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