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Acrilex Fabric Markers


  • Excellent fixation.
  • Wash-resistant.
  • Presented in 12 colors.


  • The fabric must be pre-washed and completely dried.
  • Use it on vertical position to make thin traces and on inclined position to make thick traces.
  • Wash only 72 hours after application.
  • After using it, store it on the horizontal position.


  • To paint and mark fabric permanently.
  • For cotton fabrics.
  • Do not use on synthetic or starched fabrics.

Acrilex Fabric Markers

  • Due to fragility of products and customers damaging them upon arrival, we do not offer Returns or Refunds at this point on all Art Products. We ensure that products are are in the best shape before sending/couriering them out.

  • You can pick up your product in-store or make use of our Delivery Service.


    Delivery cost in Windhoek: N$75

    Delivery cost outside Windhoek: N$95

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