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Hair Accessories Silicone Moulds

These silicone moulds are available in different shapes and sizes, perfect for resin use. The silicone moulds allow you to cast the resin, creating different items such as numbers, letters, and various other forms. These silicone moulds can be reused.

All our moulds are specifically made for resin castings and are all glossy on the inside.

Please note these moulds are temperature sensitive and will melt when exposed to high heat or an open flame. Be careful not to burn or overheat your mould, as this may cause your resin to stick to your mould.

Hair Accessories Silicone Moulds

  • Due to fragility of products and customers damaging them upon arrival, we do not offer Returns or Refunds at this point on all Art Products. We ensure that products are are in the best shape before sending/couriering them out.

  • You can pick up your product in-store or make use of our Delivery Service.

    We deliver throughout Namibia. Delivery costs are calculated upon checkout.

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