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PITT Artist Pens Manga Shojo Set 6pc

Pitt Artist Pens are great for sketching, journaling, cartooning, and drawing. The Superfine, Fine, Medium, Bullet and Brush nibs not only replace ink bottles — they're instantly available for work. The ink is waterproof, unsurpassably lightfast, acid-free, and pH-neutral.

PITT Artist Pens Manga Shojo Set 6pc


    • Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens Shojo Manga Drawing Set of Six Assorted Colors Pens.
    • These pens offer maximum light-fastness and waterproof ink that is acid free.
    • This set contains 6 Pitt Artist Brush Pens, including one each of Scarlet Red, Dark Chrome Yellow, Light Green, Cobalt Green, Sky Blue, and Crimson.
    • Made in Germany by Faber Castell. Check out the complete range of Manga drawing pens by Faber Castell
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