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PITT Artist Pens Shades of Grey 6pc Brush

Pitt Artist Pens are great for sketching, journaling, cartooning, and drawing. The Superfine, Fine, Medium, Bullet and Brush nibs not only replace ink bottles — they're instantly available for work. The ink is waterproof, unsurpassably lightfast, acid-free, and pH-neutral.

PITT Artist Pens Shades of Grey 6pc Brush

    • Pitt Artist Pens from Faber-Castell have pigmented India ink
    • Permanent & water-resistant, use with other dry or wet media
    • Ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, lettering, and illustration
    • Soft brush tip pens in: Cold Greys III, IV, VI, Warm Greys III, IV, and V
    • Made in Germany
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